General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Clause 1: Purpose.

Our sales are subjected to the following general conditions which prevail on every buying conditions, except express exemption from us.

Clause 2: Order.

User orders directly on the website via Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture’s shop Online.

As soon as the customer confirm his order, an order confirmation will be sent.

Clause 3: Delivery.

The order is sent within a maximum period of 14 days after order reception by Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture.

In instance of non-compliance of the delay and independently of all other outsider, the buyer will be able to cancel his order but this won’t lead any financial reimbursement from Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture.   

The sending is made by normal letter when products can be or by Colissimo without signature.

Delivery charges and delivery period.

Delivery charges are 4.90 € in Metropolitan France and the delivery period can vary between 2 and 7 days from the taking in charge of the shipper, for all other country please refer yourself to the delivery charge and period on the Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture Shop Online.

In case of malfunction of one or more of the products at delivery, the buyer will have to send it back to the following address:

Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture
6 Rue du Champ Gatin

Any malfunction warning must be done within 2 days from the delivery of the products. After this period, the products couldn’t be returned and they will be considered compliant.



Clause 4: Cancellation

The buyer dispose of the right to cancel within 14 days after reception of the goods. If the last day of the period is during a week end then the period is extended to the following opening day. Any cancellation or reimbursement demand will have to be done via the Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture’s website.


Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture accepts returns from clients in the following cases:

-          The product is not appropriate: without justification needs, the buyer can return the product within the period mentioned above. Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture will reimburse the product at the price mentioned in the order, delivery charge included. The buyer disposes then of 14 days from the date of cancellation demand in order to return the product to Mademoiselle Papilllonne Couture, the return charges are the customer’s responsibility.

WARNING: For body hygiene products, if they were used or worn they wouldn’t be reimbursed neither exchanged.  


Clause 5: Price

 Prices of sold goods are those applied the day of the order. They are in euro currency and computed with taxes.

The firm Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture grants itself the right to modify its rates at any time. However the firm engage itself to bill the goods ordered at the price indicated while the ordering.

Clause 6: Shipment

Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture cannot be responsible of damages caused during the transport of the goods.


Clause 7: Retention of title

The enterprise Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture keep the property of goods sold until price full payment.


Clause 8: Force Majeure

The responsibility of the firm Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture couldn’t be questioned if the non-execution or the delay in the execution of one of its obligations previously described in these standard business conditions due to force majeure.


In this way, the force majeure is defined by any external event, unpredictable and irresistible (article 1148 code civil).


Clause 9: Competent court – applicable law

In case of contestation Reims’s court will be the only competent court in order to take in charge the conclusion of the different disputes intervening while the conclusion or the execution of the concluded conventions with us and this even proceedings involving the introduction of third parties and proceedings involving several defendants.

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